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For any standard organization, corporate videos are something they can do without because of its usefulness in running the organization.

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Corporate video is a general term used when referring to all video communications created for and commissioned by a business, corporation, or organization. It’s similar but distinguished from traditional video advertising as it is created specifically for a specified audience rather than the general public. While traditional video advertising is targeted towards external bodies which are the general public, corporate video is targeted toward internal employees. It could be used to present the company’s core selling demographics, employee training and safety, company promotional videos, corporate overview videos, investor relations and shareholder videos, executive proposal videos, customer testimonial videos, and market updates

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We created an explainer video for NLG Health that explained their company in only 50 seconds. More than this, NLG Health used the graphics we created for the video to brand their website. The end result is a video that fits into the website seamlessly and explains their business perfectly.

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Information is vital, and it’s consumed in different ways. Many people enjoy reading but most people enjoy visual cues which can only be provided through videos. Corporate videos are an essential tool to running an organization, they are easy to share and can easily go viral if necessary. Many are the usefulness of corporate video but I will like to mention few

1. Communicate to people what you have to offer in Seconds

As earlier mentioned, that corporate video can be used to present the company’s core selling demographics, employee training and safety, company promotional videos, corporate overview videos, investor relations and shareholder videos, executive proposal videos, customer testimonial videos, and market updates. Definitely, someone has to be in charge of all these things, rather than wasting a whole day distributing typed documents to your audience, a corporate video presentation will do better. It will make all process faster than your imagination.

1. Increase Your Online Visibility

Sometimes, a corporate video may be uploaded on the company website; however, you should be sure that it’s fascinating enough to generate traffic to your website. The more people are interested in reading it and sharing the link as well, the more the online visibility of your website will be. This can increase your search engine ranking.

1.Increase Conversion Rates

Corporate videos are created purposefully; this implies that there is a specified target audience for the video. Unlike text that they might need to read all over again, once they watch it, they can easily pick out the points you are communicating and raise conversation immediately. All the party involved will clearly understand what the video is all about and no one will be left behind in the conversation.

1.Clarify the Presenter Objective

Corporate videos are created based on existing points and it will be based on the objective. The messages will be clarified, concise and will guide against misconception. Also, if it’s a video that is meant to be shared with the general public, it will be in an appealing way that will be appreciated by the general public.

1. Share to the General Public with Ease

There are a lot of videos platform where you can send your corporate video if it’s needed to be shared with the general public. For instance, YouTube is an amazing platform to get your video viral globally; your video can easily go viral and in no distance time, become something familiar to almost everyone.

Explainer Video Fact…


of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to

learn more about a product or service.

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Corporate videos are meant to serve different purposes; a corporate video may be created to attract customers while some may be created to recruit new staff. Whichever way, uploading an appealing corporate video that can attract your website visitors on your homepage goes a long way in promoting your company. When you channel your homepage video to match your defined audience and speak directly to them, they will be eager to share with friends as well.

Corporate videos are meant for different purposes, to ease communication, you can create a social media page that will only have involved parties as its member. Sharing your corporate video through social media platform will aid ease communication.

Corporate videos are always explanatory enough to communicate effectively the main idea behind the concept to the viewer. They always come in a small size that the receiver or viewer can easily download or view without stress. When you channel your ads through a corporate video, you are likely to get above 80% viewer that will share and recommend and 70% that will like to get the products or services from you.

A corporate video is good for presentation; it will give detail your information to your audience. You will spend less time explaining since the video already did.

Email marketing is a very good platform to remind people of your products and at the same time advertise to a new target audience. When you include a corporate video to your email, it will attract the receiver to want to check what you have sent; even if they are busy, the video will still draw their attention to check later. A corporate video will communicate all you have to offer in a concise way.

Corporate video can be used for presentation purpose. Especially during training and onboarding. Information that is necessary for the employees are easily communicated without stress.
Also, some corporate information may be included on the screen display in the company reception. When a visitor or client visits your organization, while waiting at the reception, they can easily watch some of the operations, products, and services the company is rendering on the screen.

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