The 5-Step Product Video Production Process. The process for creating an animated explainer video can seem daunting at first, but it can also be quite a bit of fun. Here’s an overview of what you can expect, along with some useful resources to set you and your team up for success


A great animated video is as powerful as the story and script behind it. We create a compelling script that connects with your audience and evokes your desired action. But before start script writing sent some questionnaire to the client, When the client answers these questionnaire, Our professional script writer starts working on a script. After writing the script the client reviews it and if he wants to change something in that he again resend it for the revision.


This is a scene-by-scene draft of how the animated video will play. Once approved, we create a unique style that determines its look and feel..but this is important that script should be final and approved by the client and no more revisions required, Because we can’t move further if any changes/revision required in the script. The storyboard is basically the script which is defined in the form of scene by scene visuals according to the script. The client reviews it and checks if the visuals are perfectly go with the script.


The storyboard is then converted into illustrations/visuals.The voiceover is a crucial driving force behind your video. You need a professional, with the right accent and clear tone to properly deliver your message. We send a questionnaire to the client regarding voice over to get a clear idea about his requirement for the voice over. We send a number of samples of voice over to the client from these voice over has to be selected by the client. He chooses among them then that voice over is selected.


<p”>The second last step is the one that giving all the illustrations and given description to our animator to play with that to create an amazing animation along synced with the sound effects and background music. Remember that the approval of client is required of storyboard/visuals. Without his approval, we can’t move to the animation stage. That is why it takes a time to make a scribe animation video since we wait for the approval of the client. Moreover, when created the animation and clients want to change the storyboard the process itself is time-consuming.


Finally you get your completed animated video in high quality HD format. We can provide the video in formats for Web, or others as needed. Client retains copyrights to final video created. so that you can use and upload it according to your requirements. I am sure that now you have got a clear idea about the explainer video process we follow at Z’Explainer videos.

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