Top 6 video marketing trends that will shape 2018

//Top 6 video marketing trends that will shape 2018

Top 6 video marketing trends that will shape 2018

Top 6 video marketing trends that will shape 2018

The business industry has been constantly revolutionizing at an accelerating pace. This makes it imperative for the business owners and marketers to diligently assess consumer preferences and trends. Use of social media and other online platforms are widely used by people nowadays and so as shaping the trend for marketing. Apart from having the potential of effective marketing, another tactic involves video marketing.
Video marketing is emerging as the future of content marketing. It is estimated from research that 80 percent of internet traffic is attracted through videos. This is making video the center of content marketing strategies.
Here I am sharing the platforms having the potential for video marketing in the year 2018.


On the top of the list is the giant Facebook having a tremendous number of users. The going live feature is so interesting because of being versatile as on the spot it connects you with your target audience. It is so spontaneous that do not require any defined plan. Apart from being hugely used for fun and entertainment purpose, it has its commercial benefits beyond the line because it allows the uploader to answer the question right there so make it quite engaging.
Additionally, the most beneficial aspect of going Live via Facebook is due to the fact; it is completely free of cost. Indeed, the word free is of great importance in the marketing world. It has the greatest power to make target audience stop. So as here a large group of people are using it so enormously because it charges no money. Other than this, another reason includes the notifications part of Facebook. When any of your friends from the friend list go live on video, there comes a notification. So the one who is following already; will surely don’t miss it and those who are potential customers will have the curiosity to check what is going on.
Facebook is upgrading day by day. The Birthday video, friendversary, year in a video and now even month in the video is really interesting. As it is increasing people interest and not making them bored from viewing and seeing the same features every day.
Thereby, like Facebook, I recommend all the marketers to get out the most from this and made interesting and creative videos to boost your product’s sales.


I must say competing Facebook is really a big challenge but Instagram successfully made its place among the social media users. Further, now it has also provided the broadcasting feature like Facebook. I saw a number of celebrities promoting their shows via going live on Instagram. A river of people comes to their video because they know there is a chance to lively talk with their favorite celebrities. Likewise, marketers should use this feature for the promotion of their product. They might ask the brand ambassador of their respective product go live. In this way, their product will get the chance to reach millions of eyeballs.
Another feature of Instagram is the storyline on the top of the feed. Their marketers show their product stories that are nicely and creatively composed to grab their customers’ attention. These helped them in brand awareness and promote their products and services. Of course, there is a limited time of 10 seconds but it is totally up to you whether you make it or break it.


80 percent of business owners affirm Snapchat is an effective marketing tool. It possesses a number of options which can be used for product promotion such as using filters and creating storylines by adding an element of fun.


Webinar helped 94% of marketers promoting their business. It is the most important tool that every marketer should use. It has an idea of delivering a message you want to convey to your audience in shape of an interactive video. But, it should be assured that you are sharing something really meaningful and valuable. Once you get the user signed up, there is good news for you. Just you need to do is to use it in the most informational and effective way.

Merging it All

These are some powerful and interactive video trends; the year 2018 would be equipped with. Each tool is associated with huge success and can be used in a variety of creative ways to engage your customers where there is a huge traffic.
Are you going to make them a part of your marketing strategy? I would appreciate listening to you below in the comments!

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