An animated infographic video means a short video that shows a business idea simply and directly. It adds up beautiful animation, good graphics, and nice language to get the attention of the audience. It informs and also educative in a small time. It includes what the company does, how what they offer help the customers and why what they offer is the best among others. Kindly watch this wonderful video.

The characteristics of an animated infographic video.

Since you’ve already known what an animated infographic video is. Now we just have to go through what makes these videos so unique.

 Short: These type of marketing videos usually disseminate the business idea as quickly as possible, in a time less than 90 seconds. Don’t miss out on the main tips of the certain time an animated infographic video should have.

 Simple: These animated videos communicate simply by following the classical narrative scheme: having first the what, the how and lastly the why.

 Focusing the target audience needs: These animated videos base on the audience problems and the audiences themselves. These make them familiar with the company’s proposal.

 Animated characters: The animated characters present in the animated videos give humor, personality and emotion to a story.

 Branding colors: These explainer videos include the branding identity colors in the landscapes and background for it to acquire quick brand recognition.

Getting to know more about the power of customization

What relationship does this have with animated infographic videos? ALL THINGS! If you need your video to be more effective, you have to customize it. There is no other way. Building up a video that is well informative and aligned with your target audience’s wants and features is essential. Therefore, customizing this your marketing video can make you:

 Have upper hand over the competition: By customizing your video, you will surely have a special place in your people’s minds. Always be reminded that there are many animated videos on the web, but yours can still be special by being adapted to that certain audience. They will feel as if the videos were made particularly for them.

 Initiate an emotional bond with your target audience: Viewers usually feel represented by the animated characters if you customize your marketing videos very well. This will create an emotional bond between you and will eventually lead to increase in empathy and engagement.

 Enhance your ROI: Viewers will even spend much time watching your videos, and you will get more time to pass information about your business if your content is well captivated. You will be able to grow trust towards your brand with this. All these are also essential in rising your conversions and sales.

What do we do?

We produce 100% custom videos for every one of our clients at Zexplainers, irrespective of their marketing goals, the target audience they are approaching, or product they wish to sell. We always provide the best quality and results: this goes along customization, with making the videos that the viewers will like. This is just a premise for us all in all our productions. Quickly watch this video to know more about this

If you like working on an animated marketing video, kindly contact us at Zexplainers. We focus on meeting your certain needs and also getting you a nice video that will make a huge difference in your marketing strategy

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