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It’s no news that video has become a key aspect in the successful marketing of most companies and the fact that high percentages of consumers prefer watching videos of products rather than reading about them is not arguable.

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Whiteboard Video Examples

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Whiteboard video is a style of video that illustrates viewer static images being drawn on the screen. For clarification, the illustrated images are backed up by narrations that provide the audience the thorough understanding of the story being told within the drawing.

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We created an explainer video for NLG Health that explained their company in only 50 seconds. More than this, NLG Health used the graphics we created for the video to brand their website. The end result is a video that fits into the website seamlessly and explains their business perfectly.

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Maximizing profit is the aim of every business owner but this can only be achieved when your products and services are presented to the final consumer in a manner that is appealing and acceptable. Whiteboard videos are capable of enhancing your company marketing strategy in many ways but we’ll like to show you some of these ways.

1. Communicate to people what you have to offer in Seconds

Most visitors to your website will not like to waste their time scrolling down on your website if they can’t find something appealing about your products within the shortest time. Explainer videos are a perfect way to grab your audience attention and keep them focus on your website. When you explain your business idea in seconds’ video and placed it above the fold in your homepage, it could increase the average visit time by 2 minutes.
This is my product; this is what it can do for you! Explaining this through a text content can occupy three to four pages; how many of your website visitors will have time to read that kind of text? A whiteboard video can do what text content cannot do. It’s the best choice for any business owners that want to retain their potential customers and as well attract new customers to their products and websites.

1. Increase Your Online Visibility

The more you can convince your website visitors and potential customers to read about your products the more they are likely to patronize you. But do not make them read as it will waste their time even if they want to so, make them watch! The more they stay watching your products video, the more your website appears to be online. The more your website is active, the more your website will continue to rank and the higher the rate of your online visibility.

1.Increase Conversion Rates

Reports have shown that a high percentage of people are likely to purchase your product after seeing a catchy, appealing and pleasant whiteboard video. Accomplishing your narrated product story with amazing animation will increase its clarity to the viewers. A whiteboard video can help you know how people react to your products by displaying the number of views and reaction of viewers on each video.

1.Clarify the Presenter Objective

A whiteboard video will present its content to the audience in the exact way they will understand. Following the animation/images alone without the audio will be clear enough for anyone to understand. The fact that audio narration is added is another added bonus. The video will explain all you need to know about a product without stressing your eyes reading.

1. Share to the General Public with Ease

Nothing is easier than sharing a video that you the sender is even sure it will trend once sent. There are a lot of videos platform where you can send your products video to be received globally. For instance, YouTube is an amazing platform to get your products known globally; your video can easily go viral and in no distance time, become something familiar to almost everyone. One good thing about whiteboard animation video is that they are always beautiful and appealing to viewers. The concepts are always artistic and are capable of tempting viewers to share and at the same time fall for the product being market. Each share and recommendation is a bonus promotional for your company.

Explainer Video Fact…


of people say they’ve watched an explainer video to

learn more about a product or service.

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To convince your website visitors to stay longer on your website or purchase your products, you must ensure that you provide contents that will be fascinating enough to keep them focus on your website. Of course, text content may not be that captivating enough and even video recorded by you or any hired speaker cannot do the job a whiteboard animation video will do. Whiteboard animation videos are artistic drawing with narration so, they are capable of holding your viewers to want to watch to the end. Video acted by someone maybe boring especially when the viewer doesn’t appreciate the facial look of the actor and this one way while whiteboard animation video is more than suitable for your homepage.

For a wise business individual, organizations, company, and anyone involve in the production of goods and service, social media is a great platform to advertise your products and services. Through social media, you can get your product known globally. However, it’s not arguable that video goes viral than text but then, artistic video (whiteboard video) is much appreciated than a normal video. For instance, a viewer may not like the outfit of a video presenter, this is enough to discourage him or her from continuing watching but whiteboard video is artistic drawing that is used to demonstrate the narrated audio.

Whiteboard videos are always explanatory enough to communicate effectively the main idea behind the concept to the viewer. They always come in a small size that the receiver or viewer can easily download or view without stress. When you channel your ads through a whiteboard video, you are likely to get above 80% viewer that will share and recommend and 70% that will like to get the products or services from you.

You can include whiteboard video in your presentation, it will give your audience an insight of who you are and what you have to offer so, convincing your audience will require less stress. Also, it’s an indication that you have successfully done the needful before your presentation.

Email marketing is a very good platform to remind people of your products and at the same time advertise to a new target audience. When you include a whiteboard to your email, it will attract the receiver to want to check what you have sent; even if they are busy, the video will still draw their attention to check later. A whiteboard video will communicate all you have to offer in a concise way.

Whiteboard video can be used for presentation purpose. It can be used for illustration in a business meeting. Also, it’s a great tool to communicate the organization mode of operations to both staffs and visitors.
When a visitor or client visits your organization, while waiting at the reception, they can easily watch some of the operations, products, and services the company is rendering on the screen.

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